Interested In Joining The Whobaloo Artist Community?

We are firm evangelists for the importance of art in our lives, in our culture and in our world. Graphic artists have a profound way of relating thoughts and emotions through their visual mediums.

At Whobaloo we work in concert with our artists. When an artist's element is used in any creation they receive a percentage of the overall sale (even before our costs). Flipping the bird to convention, we've intentially drawn up our contracts with artists so that they keep full rights of their art while on Whobaloo. The desire is that our artist would flourish, be rewarded for their contributions and be broadcast to more potential fans (and benefactors).

We would love to see what art elements you have that expresses your voice and ultimately the emotions of our customers. Send us an email with a link to your portfolio / facebook page or just send us a couple of samples (.jpg or .png format) of your work.

Maryam Zangeneh

George Jennings

Chipman Design

Angela Allwine

Gwen Hutchens

Katie Greer

Amy Corn

Cindy Ann Ganaden

Meredith Mahoney

Tammy Liu-Haller

Drew Stearns

Mary Gallagher Stout

Jenny Lu Designs

Ricky Smith

Kate Barrere